Making of ViewStart video explainers

Recently our client reached us with the commission to do a complete video platform re-design. We also have worked on the GUI of the ViewStart admin panel. After finishing completing new branding for the project — it was time for making promotional video.

The ViewStart is the first platform that allows users to sell their products within video stream. This platform allows users to edit timelines and add products.

eCommerce in video player

The initial idea for the promotional video was that it should contain broad information how intigrated eCommerce Store works within a video player. The challenge was to tell to tell the way View Start works in the most simplistic way, both in visual and content ways.

Our motion designer came up with very comprehensive video about ViewStart practical side.

The future is here - eCommerce Store within video player

The style of this video is based mainly on two colors — blue and white. The shapes, which stylized in most simplistic way, transform from one element to another, this way we keep the sense of continuation in one video.


Our biggest solution for the ViewStart concept was to merge it with Magento platform. About making of this video we wrote here.

Viewstart + Magento


The biggest challenge was to tell how it works within 1 minute time, so we used very basic ways to complete the task : there is an actual character which shows us, the viewers, how ViewStart + Magento platform actually works within the display screen.


Screens from the video

We exaggerate the way how the platform actually is looks and works (no gnomes were harmed in the making of this video) different from reality. This way we show the complex work of ViewStart in simple and playful way this way users could easily understand how the platform works.

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